Made Easy HandWritten Notes Electrical

Made Easy HandWritten Notes Electrical

Hello friends, today we are going to share Made Easy HandWritten Notes Electrical for GATE aspirant 2019. it will be very useful as it is one of most reputed coaching centre's notes i.e. Made Easy HandWritten Notes Electrical as you all know about made easy.

Electrical Notes for GATE and PSUs Made Easy Hand Written

Electrical Machine is the most important and core subject of Electrical Engineering students. It is the heart of Electrical Engineering subject. Here we will explain how to study Electrical Machine step by step in an easy way by Made Easy HandWritten Notes for Electrical . as the syllabus of this subject is very vast and is conceptual. so many students have a phobia to learn this subject. we will discuss from basics of Electrical Machines to Concept to Numerical solving tips by Hand Written Notes in pdf. we have also mentioned some best books of Electrical Machines so that if you face any problem while studying notes at that time you can refer some books. Download Made Easy Hand Written Notes pdf at free.

Power System HandWritten Notes pdf free Download - 

There are mainly three Elements/Components of the power system and they are Generation at Power plant generating station, Transmission at high voltage with the help of transformer and Distributions from Substation to load end. Protection and Switchgear is also a component of power systems. Here we have provided you handwritten Notes but If you want video lecture notes of Electric power system than you can use NPTEL Video Lectures.

Digital Electronics Made Easy HandWritten Notes Electrical 

Digital Electronics is one core subject for Electronics engineering students and one of the scoring subjects for Electrical. Every competitive exam contains questions from Digital Subject.
Weightage of Digital Electronics for Electronics Every year average 6-7 marks of questions asked from Digital in GATE exam. The weightage of marks is more in IES. 40 marks in IES Objective exam and  40 marks in Subjective i.e. total 80 marks.
There are 5-10 or even more marks of the question in any PSUs exam
GATE - 6 to 7 marks.
IES - 40+40= 80 marks
PSUs - 5 to 10 marks.

Electrical Notes for GATE and PSUs Made Easy Hand Written

Electrical Measurement Made Easy HandWritten Notes Electrical

Electrical Measurement is one core subject for Electrical engineering students. Every competitive exam contains questions from Measurement Subject. Electrical Measurement is abbreviated as an EMMC i.e. Electrical Measurement and Measuring Instruments. In this subject, there are two-part 
1) Electrical Measurement - in this section we discuss electrical and electronic measurement like measurement of resistance, Inductance, Capacitance, power, quality factor and many more.

2) Measuring Instruments - in this part, we study about measuring instruments like Current and voltage measurement, PMMC, EMMC, etc etc.


is a very important subject for Electrical, Electronics, Instrumentation, Telecommunications engineering. It is an important subject because the syllabus of the microprocessor is SMALL. and also microprocessor is not more conceptual as compare to another core subject. So Small Syllabus Less Conceptual More number of Questions asked in Competitive Exam Gain more marks. so it is a very important subject to study from Made Easy HandWritten Notes Electrical of Coaching.  .

Indian Geography
Indian Geography is an important chapter for all competitive exam whether Technical like PSUs, State Engineering Exam and DMRC or Non Technical exams like UPSC, SSC, BANK and Railway etc. you can directly Download the Made Easy HandWritten Notes Electrical for General Studies.  Classroom Hand Written Notes in pdf as Made Easy is best coaching institute for the competitive exam so its Study Material is also best.

Indian History
SSC, BANK, PSUs & other central or state Competitive exam, 30%-40% syllabus is covered by non-technical questions i.e. History, Geography, Polity, Life Science and Current affairs etc. So it becomes compulsory for every one to study non-technical portion. Without non-technical, it is impossible to clear any Competitive exam like SSC CGL, SSC CPO, SSC 10+2, BANK, Railway RRB, IES, PSU's or other competitive exams. So dear students here we are going to share best History notes for competitive exam.

Indian Polity 
After Pursuing Graduation in Engineering Every student has only one dream to be selected in GATE or IES Exam. For this lots of students choose to take coaching for the 1-year program. So many students get into the dilemma that which coaching they should prefer because there are many coaching centres which prepare for Competitive. Which is the best coaching centre for GATE, IES. although there are lots of coaching centre I will recommend MADE EASY Coaching. It is one of the best Coaching centres. I was also made easy student. Made easy has qualified teachers. So, friends, I am going to share made easy notes in pdf format. You can easily download it just by one click.


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