10 Best way to Prepare GATE Exam without Coaching | Self Study Plan

10 Best way to Prepare GATE Exam without Coaching | Self Study Plan

How to Crack GATE Exam Without Coaching - best study plan for first attempt
How to prepare the GATE exam without GATE coaching many gate aspirants think that is it possible. here I have shared some useful information which is gained by many students who qualify gate without having coaching. it is due to the power of self-study. anyone can crack the exam but it needs a good plan and effective strategy. How one can clear gate exam in the first attempt by the final year or after graduation. This is one of the most frequent questions coming in mind of every student who is unable to pursue coaching. Here we will tell you the best strategies to get the best rank without coaching. Many people have been cracked the GATE exam without coaching. So maybe next GATE qualifier if you read the full article and analyse step by step and apply during preparation. 

First attempt plan to clear GATE Exam without Coaching

First of all, I will tell you the level of competition for exam.
as it is an international level exam for Engineering student so its normal that there will be competition. Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) is one of the most important exams for engineering graduates and also it is one of the toughest competitive exams of India for Technical background student i.e. B.tech student.

Number of student appeared in GATE exam - Near about 10 lakh students appeared in exam every year. 
Gate 2017 statistical data - 9,22,167 students registered and 7,87,148 students appeared for exam. out of this only 1,29,149 qualify. 
So it is not an easy task to clear this exam. To crack gate exam one should have a very good knowledge of his subjects. Students should keep in mind that if you are not going to take any coaching help than you have to work a lot. You need to be work on both hard work and smart work. so as you see about 10 lakh students participate so competition is huge so it require an effective plan of study which I am going to share. 

Number of question, duration and mode of exam -  
The examination is of 3 hours duration and contains a total of 65 questions worth a maximum of 100 marks. From 2014 onward, the examination for all the papers is carried out in an online Computer Based Test (CBT) mode.

Syllabus of exam - 
it is divided into 3 section. 70% technical and 30% non-technical. in non-technical there are general aptitude, English and math.
1.General Aptitude language and analytic skills
2.Verbal Ability: English grammar, sentence completion, verbal analogies, word groups, instructions, 3.Critical reasoning and verbal deduction.
Numerical Ability: Numerical computation, numerical estimation, numerical reasoning and data interpretation.
4. Technical section. 

Steps for Preparation of GATE Exam Without Coaching

Before starting How to Prepare GATE Exam Without Coaching preparation we should be determined that yes I am going to start a preparation of one of the most competitive exam so you should be self-mentor. many time you will be demotivated so at that time you need to motivate yourself so you should be the good mentor for yourself. start study as early as possible.

Exam syllabus & Exam pattern: The GATE Exam is a 3-hour single day single paper conducted online mode. No of Questions is 65 carrying a total of 100 marks.

1. Know about your strength and your weakness too.
first of all at starting of preparation You should recognise this point, find these point in yourself.
● your weak subject .
● your average subject.
● your strong subject.

1. Know Gate Syllabus 

You can know the complete gate syllabus from the official website. remember to download the syllabus from the official website and take a print out of syllabus to save time. get print out of every single subject on single paper. analyse what you need to study and focus on what is not in the syllabus as many time students waste their precious time on the topic which is not in the syllabus. so analyse the syllabus carefully its very important. Complete knowledge about the latest Syllabus, Paper type, pattern and Most weighted Subjects of GATE 2018. You should have a full syllabus in your mind so that you can differentiate what to learn what to more learn and what should not learn.

2. Resources of study material - 

Use good resource of study material and notes. I won't suggest you to make notes of your course because it will take huge time so I will advise that buy coaching institute notes. actually, you don't need to purchase, just search in google we will find many websites from there download all notes at free of cost. there are many coaching institutes but I will suggest that you can buy made easy, ACE, or kreatryx coaching study material these are best at present time.
remember one thing  Follow only one type of text books  Don't go through many and many books it will confuse you so Prepare from single type of books. Reading one book may not cover the complete syllabus so instead of using many books it is better to go through online study.
The link I have given below for standard books. There is a standard book. If you did not find the solution to your problems from Notes and Youtube channel and go for these books.

Best Standard Books for GATE Electrical 

3.Online Study Material  - Use YouTube and Facebook group.

Engage yourself in practice the as many as you can do. For this purpose, you can use many practice books, Facebook, Facebook group, test series, difference website and YouTube channel.
use Online Resources of Material as much as possible for GATE Preparation These days there is almost all type of study material available on the internet. You will find PDF notes as well as YouTube video. So make the habit to study online. I will suggest you some good youtube channel and facebook group for online study.
youtube channel - gate academy, kreatryx, follow Sohail Ansari sir.
facebook group - gate aspirant and gate academy.

4. Tips to decide Sequence of Subject for preparation 

 You should recognise your strong subject and your weak subject so accordingly you have to make time distribution per subject. If You have good command in any subject then you should spend less time on that subject and those subjects which are the weak point of your, target those subjects and focus more on those subjects. But don't forget to revise strong subject otherwise it may create a problem at last.

You have to differentiate your syllabus and subject according to the number of question asked in the Exam and according to your Core Subject and non-core subject.
during the first stage of practice, you have to practice your -
core subject because it has more weightage in the exam.
then move to a core subject with less weightage that is a move in descending order of marks asked in the gate. then move to the non-core subject.

see I am focusing on core subject at the initial stage of preparation because it takes more time in preparation so at starting you have sufficient time for preparation. and moreover most of the question in Interview is asked from core subject. so side by side your interview preparation will also go well.

Click here Download Gate Study Material in pdf at free 

5. Study Plan for Daily Routine - 

General Aptitude and English - 1 hour for non-technical like general aptitude and English. see no gate aspirant give time to this section. they follow only and only technical section. don't forget that there are 30% weightage of this non-technical section. in my opinion, you have to practise this section from starting. so engage 1 hour in the daily plan because it covers 15 marks. 5 marks for English and 10 marks for aptitude total 15 marks. it is not less. use this section as a refreshment when you get bored during the technical section.

Mathematics - 1 hour for Mathematics. practise very well because this is a very easy section and weightage is 10-15 marks. many students have secured 100% marks from this section so try to get
full marks its scoring subject.

Technical - 4 hour for theory and 2 hours for numerical practice.
when you completed the theory portion of all subject than use 3 hours for revision and 3 hours for numerical practice.
In the last 2 month Strategy - 2 hours for revision and daily revise at least 2 subjects. and 4-5  hour for numerical practice.

6. How to Prepare Theory Section -  

Use all Resources for theory preparation. if the theory section is strong then you will be able to solve the numerical problem. 
Study Material for Theory - 
  • Hand Written Notes
  • Online Resource 
  • NPTEL video
  • Books - follow only one book only when it needed. 

7. Make short  notes for revision  :

while preparing the theory section side by side makes a short note of every subject. remember short notes should not be more than 15 pages

8.How to make Short Notes

  • write only formulas and concept of formulas. 
  • the most important concept of chapter or topic.
  • the concept in which you face the problem.
  • download DC Machine Notes
  • the concept on which frequently question asked in GATE.
  • any important diagram which covers the concept 
  • Read multiple time your handwritten short notes on daily basis. 

9. Practice more GATE numerical question - 

when theory portion of the subject is completed its time to practice.
remember one thing that Theory is for PSUs and Numerical is for GATE.

10. Number of the question to be practice - 

you have to practice  about 80-100 question from each chapter of core subject and
50-60 question from each chapter from the non-core subject.

11. Source of Question to be Practice -

practice from these source in sequence wise 
  1. Previous Year Gate  and PSU's Question 
  2. ESE conventional question
  3. Schaum series
  4. ONLINE TEST SERIES -  join at least 2 test series

12. How to Use Online Test Series Effectively - 

Test Series play an Important game in marks securing. it is the most important part of practice and deciding factor of your Gate rank and Gate marks. I will suggest you join at least 2 test series. Best Test Series for Gate Exam is Made easy, ACE, Gate Academy, and Kreatryx. join test series at starting of your preparation. whenever you completed a subject just go for previous year question practice and test series.
from test series, you will come to know your weak section and strong section. so after that rectify your weak section and practice as much question as possible
don't practice any question expect above because it may be useless and a waste of time.

13. Last 2 Month Practice - 

this is the most critical time of practice. whatever you have learnt yet you have to revise theory and formula, practice numerical and use test series. Make a habit to prepare at least 8-10 hour for last 2 months. Divide time into 3 to 4 slot.  Like divide time for Formula reading, theory reading, numerical practice and give test series.
Daily study at least 2-3 subject's formula till the date of exam. And then practice as many questions as you can.

14. Solve 20-30 years GATE Previous year question paper-

See this is Most Important Practice of GATE preparation because here you came to know the pattern and type of question asked by GATE and you also came to know that which section and which concept is favourite of GATE Paper setter. Previous Year papers of your subject are key of preparation. Than analyse from which subjects most questions is coming and from which topic. Also, find from which concept most of the Question asked. i .e. find Subject, Topic and Concept of most frequent questions asked.

15. Power of Revision - 

See whatever you have learnt you have to perform in only 3 hours. you have to use your all knowledge, energy, potential only in 3 hours at exam time. so it needs a powerful revision. because you don't have time to recall any formula or concept. so all formulas and concept should be on the mind and on the mouth so that saves time and pressure too.

16. Power of Social Networking like Whatsapp and Facebook Group - 

This is an advanced way of practice. exchange notes and questions. if you face any problem in theory or numerical you can be asked questions n in group. it will save time and increase your practise. try to answer the question asked in the group it will boost up your confidence level.

17. Maintain Consistancy and be Motivated - 

Many time you face many problem whether in theory or in numerical. but don't be demotivate. just keep cool and calm. at that time just read the success story. you will see that many gate topper faces the same problem so it makes you cool.

How to Crack or Qualify GATE exam without coaching - Self Study Plan First attempt clear strategy
Highest Marks Obtained in GATE Exam in 2017.

If you have any queries than the comment in comment section.

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