Download Electrical Machine Made Easy Hand Written Notes pdf for GATE PSU | Study Strategy Plan

Download Electrical Machine Made Easy Hand Written Notes pdf for GATE PSU | Study Strategy Plan

Electrical Machine is most important and core subject of Electrical Engineering students. It is the heart of Electrical Engineering subject. Here we will explain how to study Electrical Machine step by step in easy way. as syllabus of this subject is very vast and is conceptual. so many student have fobia to learn this subject. we will discuss from Basics of Electrical Machines to Concept to Numerical solving tips by Hand Written Notes in pdf. we have also mention some best books of Electrical Machines so that if you face any problem while studying notes at that time you can refer some books. Download Made Easy Hand Written Notes pdf at free.

Classification of Electrical Machines - 

  1. Transformers
  2. DC Machines
  3. Induction Machines
  4. Synchronous Machiens
  5. Single Phase Induction Machines.

Study Material and Notes for Electrical Machines preperation - 

  1. Hand written notes pdf
  2. NPTEL video lecture
  3. Nagrath and Kothari
  4. P S Bhimbra .
  5. Hand Book for formula.
  6. GATE previous year question.

Most Important Topic of Electrical Machines for GATE point of view - 

Phasor diagrams - it is basic for Elec. Engg student to know how phasor diagram works. clear a fine and good concept of it.

Voltage regulation - A lots of question asked every year from this topic. so study carefully what is lead and lag.

DC Motor - there are mainly three kind of motor i.e. Series, Shunt and Separated excited DC Motors.  Lots of problem are asked from this chapter and most important thing is that numerical problem of DC Machine is very simple as compare to synchronous and transformer. mainly question asked from back emf, torque and speed.

Induction Machine - many questions asked from IM. numerical problem of IM is also easier than synchronous.  most of question asked from IM Torque equation, slip and torque speed characteristics. so read this section carefully. 

Download Electrical Machine Made Easy Hand Written Notes pdf for GATE PSU | Study Strategy Plan

Synchronous Machines - here You need to learn with reactive power, Power factor, Inverted V curves etc. it has tricky numerical so need to have very good concept.

Losses and Efficiency - from transformer to machine you need to learn Losses and Efficiency. it is important for theoretical as well as numerical problem. 

Digital Electronics - Click to Download Made Easy Hand Written Notes

Problem-Solving Tips

make habit to learn any concept as try to solve problem as many as possible. don't read theory again and again. just solve numerical problem as much as you can do from different different sources.

Practice more and more problem to develop problem solving skill. before solving problem you need to give time at least 30 seconds to read carefully and understand the problem.

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