List of Competitive Exams after 10th Passed Students

List of Competitive exam after class 10th.

there are many competitive exam after 10th board. many student as well as their parent think that competition start after class 12th. but in India  the core of our educational system is actually based on COMPETITION. There are more than 20+ exam after class 10th like NTSE, SSTSE, KVPY, NCO, NSO and RMO etc. most of you have heard about NTSE and KVPY. but yes there are many exam cum scholarship for 10th passed student also. As our education system is based on Competition so start preparation and give competitive exam as many as possible to check own talent and mental ability. 

List of Competitive Exam after Class 10th board passed student - 

1. NTSE (National Talent Search Exam) 
it is most prestigious and most popular exam in India. It national level scholarship program. itorganised by  NCERT covering syllabus of Science, Maths, Social Science and Mental Ability. 

2. KVPY - Kishore Vigyan Protsahan Yojna 
its national level exam held by the Department of Science and Technology. syllabus of exam is syllabus of CBSE and ICSE board. the main purpose of exam is to encourage the students of science and medicine to take up careers in research.

3. NLSTSE - National Level Science Talent Search Exam
NSTSE is a diagnostic test that is  Conducted by Unified Council, the  duration of exam is about 90 minutes. 

4. NSEA - National Standard Examination in Astronomy
NSEA exam is jointly conducted by two big organization - IAPT or Indian Association of Physics Teachers and HBCSE or Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education. 

5. ZIO - Zonal Informatics Olympiad
ZIO is Organized by the Indian Association for Research in Computing Science. This test is conducted to search the skill in the field of  algorithms and computing. The finally selected student represent India at International Olympiad for Informatics (IOI).

6. IOS - International Olympiad of Science
This is the test for students of CBSE and ICSE student of class 1 to 10th. IOS is conducted every year at the end of year i.e. most probably in December for Science subjects. 

7. IESO - International Earth Science Olympiad
This is Conducted for CBSE, ICSE and State Board students in classes X to XI. The topic of competition is earth sciences, geology, geophysics, meteorology, oceanography, astronomy, and environmental sciences. Exam held annually at month of January.

8. IEO - International English Olympiad
This is international level competition. It mainly focuses on enhancing the skill in English. it is conducted by SFO.

9. NCO - National Cyber Olympiad
It is newly started competition an international level focussing on mental ability, logical and analytical reasoning in computers and IT. NCO is  conducted by SOF. 

10. Unified Cyber Olympiad
The subject of exam consist syllabus of  CBSE, ICSE, IB boards. It is conducted by Unified Council, Hyderabad. 

11. Silverzone Olympiads
This competitive exam is for students of Class 1 to 12th. It is conducted in various subjects like Maths, English, French, Hindi, Social Studies, General Knowledge and Informatics.

12. NIMO - National Interactive Math’s Olympiad
This national level exam is conducted by the Eduheal Foundation. class 1 to 12th students are eligible to appear for exam. It search the talent of Math's subject.

13. KO - Knowledge Olympiad

It is conducted by the Knowledge Society of India. It consist of two type of ex : Mathematical Olympiad Foundation (MOF), and National Knowledge Olympiad (NKO). Students from Class 1st to 12th can appear in this exam.

15. NBO - National Biotechnology Olympiad
This national level test is conducted by the Eduheal Foundation. class 1 to 12 are eligible. Its about Biotechnology. 

List of Competitive Exams after 10th Passed Students

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