CIL MT Electrical Interview Experience

CIL MT Recruitment Electrical Interview Experience- 

Today we are going to share an interview experience and GD topic of Electrical and Electronics Engineering branch of CIL Coal India Limited. So that it can help you in preparation of Interview if CIL for next vacancy. It will also give you an idea for Internet in any other PSU.

GD Topic - Requirement of power in India and role of renewable energy resources.

Interview Questions of PSU in CIL -

01. Introduce yourself ?
02. Tell me your favourite Subject ?

First Question from Electrical Machines

03. What is Double cage Induction Motor and How double cage Induction Motor works ?
04. Induction Motor having 6 poles working at 4% slip. Calculate Speed?
05. What is Cogging and Crawling ?
06. What is Step & Touch potential?

Questions from DC Machine.

07. Why do we use DC Series Motor?

08. Applications of DC Series Motor?
09. What do you mean by Intrinsically Safe?
10. Do you know about Indian Electricity Rules?
11. Function of Breather & Conservator in a Transformer?
12. What is Buchholz Relay?
13. What is Power Factor?
14. Why we should improve Power Factor?
15. Define OHMs LAW?
16. How do you measure the insulation level of the material present in substation?
17. Wht is Megger?
18. Why do we fill stones in Sub-Station yard?
19. Define phase angle?
20. Define Bundled conductors?
21. If 3/15 is written in a cable , what do you understand from it?
22. If 6/1 is written in an ACSR conductor wht does it mean?
23. If we want to install Transmission line upto some distance. what are the things required?
24. Why do we require starter in an Induction Motor?
25. What are the methods of starting an Induction Motor?
26. What is DOL starting & how it functions?
27. What is Under Voltage/ No Volt?
28. What is the dominating harmonic in a Transformer? Why?
29 Copper is a good conductor than Aluminium, but why we use Aluminum instead of Copper?
30. What is Ferranti Effect? How it occurs?

We can see that most of questions were asked from Electrical Machines and than power systems. So guys I suggest you to prepare well the subject machines and power system.
Preference of subjects for interview of electrical trade.
Machine than power system than network for CIL.

CIL MT Electrical Interview Experience

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