Effect of Dimensions of core of transformer on No load current voltage, losses and KVA rating

Dimensions of Transformer effect on transformer KVA rating, no load current, losses of transformer and rated voltage and current -

Today we will discuss very important topic of transformer i.e. Effect of transformer in various parameters of transformer i.e current, voltages, losses etc. As we know that induced voltage of transformer on secondary side is given by 

E = 2π ƒ Ν Φ
ƒ -  is the flux frequency in Hertz, = ω/2π
Ν -  is the number of coil windings.
Φ -  is the flux density in webers.

Primary side = connected of source side.
Secondary side- connected to load side.

How voltage induces in secondary side of transformer -

Primary and secondary side connected by core made up of silicon iron. The flux is generated by primary source which flow in transformer core and is linked to secondary side which induced voltage in secondary side.

So core has fixed dimensions made at the time of transformer manufacturing. Here we will discuss what will happen if core of transformer increase by some factor (let x).

Effect of increasing the dimensions of transformer core -

When length, width, and height of transformer is increased by factor "X" than effect on
1) no load current of transformer - no load current will increase by factor "X" .

2) Rated voltage and Rated current - will increase by factor "X² " .

3) transformer losses - there are two type of transformer loss i.e. core loss and copper loss. Core loss is also known as iron loss or magnetising loss.
Iron loss is constant but copper loss is variable.
When core dimensions increased than Copper loss will increase by factor "X^3".

4) KVA rating of transformer - kva rating will be proportional to X is tp power 4 i.e. if transformer core dimensions is getting double than its KVA rating will be 2^4= 16 time.

If you have any doubt on theoretical or numerical questions than please comment below.

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