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Made Easy Class Room Hand Written Notes of Indian History - material in PDF formatfor Competitive Exam 

SSC,BANK, PSUs & other central or state Competitive exam, 30%-40% syllabus is covered by non-technical questions i.e. History, Geography, Polity, Life Science and Current affairs etc. So it become compulsory for every one to study non-technical portion. Without non-technical it is impossible to clear any Competitive exam like SSC CGL, SSC CPO, SSC 10+2, BANK, Railway RRB, IES, PSU's or other competitive exam . So dear students here we are going to share best History notes for competitive exam.

Indian History - important topic and notes & study materials

History is one of most important subject of non-technical section. Though syllabus of history is wide but here we give you best material from best coaching center of India i.e. Made Easy Coaching Center Hand Written class room material of Indian History subject.  In this material you will find every topic every line is most important . No questions will be asked in any exam outside this material. 

Indian History for all competitive exam 
This study material is useful for all graduate students i.e. for banking preparation, ssc preparation or IES, PSU's preparation for EE, ECE, CSE, IT, MECH, or Civil engineering. Indian History os important part of preparation. Every year many questions asked from this section so history subject should be strong for all aspirants. 

Made Easy Class Room Notes Indian History 

Soon we will upload Made Easy Class Room Notes for Electrical and All branch. We will also upload ACE Engg Academy Coaching class room hand written notes.

Indian Polity Hand Written class room notes 

We have already uploaded the hand written notes of Indian Polity.

History Hand Written Notes and material - explaination how to study Indian History Easily

Every competitive exam like SSC,BANK, PSUs & other central or state level Competitive exam,Indian history play an important role as it contain 30%-40% of total syllabus of non-technical questions. Indian History is categorize in 3 section - Ancient History, Medieval History, and Modern & Freedom struggle.  some tips and tricks to read whole Indian History step by step in chronological order.

Here we will give you some tips and tricks to read whole Indian History step by step so that you can learn in easy way. most of student have problem that they read and forget after some time. so i will suggest you to read in chronological order as describe below.

Ancient History - main topic under this category is 
  • Pre-Historic Stone Age(7000–3000 BC) 
  • Bronze Age(3000–1300 BC)  
  • Iron Age ((1700–26 BC)
  • Vedic Period
  • The Indus Vally or Harappa Civilization. 

Medieval History - it is important section. read complete  Medieval Indian History by free pdf provided below just download medieval Indian history objective questions.
it included the Chalukyas, the Pallavas, the Pandyas, the Rashtrakutas, the Muslims rulers and finally the Mughal Empire. The most important dynasty to emerge in the middle of the 9th century was that of the Cholas. Indian Mediaval History is mainly associated with the Islamic rule in India. this period was almost three centuries.  

Modern History -
the history of modern India istart by arrival of  Vasco da Gama in 1498. than formation of East India Company british rule establish in India. after many war between Indian ruler and british force finally british ruler ruled all over Indian

Some famous battle are battle of Plassey - the Bengal empire went to the hands of British first.  battle of Buxar - which gave Bihar to the British company. Soon, Mysore and Maratha empire (near Bombay) was also overtaken by British rule. after than formation of Indian National Congress by a retired British official, A. O. Hume and later it was found by Suredranath Banerjee. than extrimist phase and moderate phase and than finally Gandhian phase and movement starts. in this period british ruled by Governor General and Viceroy.

so in this way that is study in chronological  order you can easily read complete Indian History. 

we have provided you one of best hand written notes in pdf. you can easily download just by single click. 

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