Top 10 most important Electrical Interview Questions and Answers - Must known Questions

Electrical engineering interview questions  and Answers - Contractor test | Sample questions | Exam Questions 

A list of  PSU Electrical Interview Questions and Answers has been taken from many PSUs exam. 
Many people search for Electrical Questions and answers so we have bought direct link. Direct link have been given to open direct Electrical Notes for  Electrical Exam Questions  and Electrical Interview Questions. This questions also important from Electrical contractor test questions point of view. PE electrical engineering sample questions  interview questions for Electrical Engineer. 

PSU Electrical Interview Question

There, Below, are a Collection of most important question from machine topic of Questions to ask an electrical engineer - 

1.Power Losses in Transformer and
Efficiency of transformer in details

2. What is Electrical Transformer -
Definition, Construction, Working
Principle , Circuit Diagram, Type and

3. Auto Transformer Advantages Disadv

Application Limitations & Connection

4. Slip Ring Induction Motor Advantages
Disadvantages Application and
Comparison with Squirrel Cage
Induction Motor

5. Squirrel Cage Induction Motor -Advantages | Disadvantage | Applicationfor Objective type Questions

6. DC Machine Objective Type Questions
with Answer of Previous Year Exam
asked Questions.

7. Reactive Power and Active Power

Compensation | Formula Definition and
Transmission line voltage Control best

8. 4 Basic Difference between Active &
Passive Electrical.

9. Working Principle of RELAY - Power

System & Switchgear Protection

10. Electric / Diesel Locomotive Engine

Working Principle|Diagram | Parts 

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