UPPCL AE Electrical Previous Year asked Old Interview Questions list

UPPCL AE INTERVIEW Questions for Electrical Engineer to be conducted soon. UPPCL Interview will held in Lucknow in UPPCL Bhawan. Many student waiting for next UPPCL Vacancy. Many students want to know how to crack uppcl ae exam. Though UPPCL AE Interview is pending as it declare the written exam results. Many want to know when uppcl interview will held. Here we are providing you some previous year interview questions for practice purpose. 

For Electrical Engineering most of interview questions asked from Core Electrical Subject i.e. Machine and Electrical transformer is most important as interview point of view.Here we have present some interview experience. Hope you will like. Refer to your friends too.

Subject to be prepared for UPPCL Electrical Interview  - ( preference wise )

1) Transformer - in transformer prepare equivalent circuit diagram, buccholtz relay, phasor diagram, essential condition for connection of two transformer, breather and use of silicon gel etc...


2) Induction Motor - starting principle, difference between slip ring and screw cage IM, cogging and crawling, define slip, torque slip characteristic, type of rotor i.e. double cage rotor and bar rotor and its characteristic etc..,

3) Electrical network - all theorem, most important norton and thevenin. prepare definition of KVL AND KCL.

UPPCL Some previous year asked old Interview Question 

  • What are the conditions to be satisfied for proper synchronising of alternators? 
  • What is the differemce between Pulse transformer and Welding transformer.
  • What are the advantages of Parallel operation of alternators? - alternator question.
  • what will happened to hysteresis and eddy current loss if frequency increase.
  • what is counter poise and where it used - power system question.
  • Which type of rotor is suitable for low speed alternators? salient pole type or cylindrical type rotor? 
  • what will happened if excitation coil or armature coil break? 
  • What will happen if frequency of rotor changes ? 
  • Fuse material and where it use ? 
  • Induction motor circle diagram. 
  • Induction motor Torque -Slip Characteristics?
  • Related to UPPCL like what is work of AE , How will you Motivate People to Save Electricity?
  • Some Practical Questions like Rating of Current of Freeze, Domestic Press, Fan etc.
  • Equivalent Circuit of Transformer and its explanation? 


prepare about UPPCL -
except technical question , prepare some data relared to UPPCL i.e. function  of uppcl, its work and target work. condition of power of up, hpw can improve we it. how to spread awareness of electricity among public, power plant in UP.

as election is near so prepare some latest/ current news regarding the politics. 

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For previous years Old Questions Paper click below link to direct download in pdf form. 

Download Previous Asked Electrical Questions Paper in PDF format

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