Seminar Topics for EEE Students

Seminar Topics for EEE Students

List of latest top 100 topics for Seminar, Project, or topic for discussion for 4th-year students. Here we have brought for final year student to have a present topic to project which is going on at present time.
Most Popular Seminar Topics for EEE Students.  The below-mentioned list may help students to select their seminars in the most appropriate way.

1. Mobile train radio communication
2. Paper battery
3. Smart antenna for mobile communication
4. Smart note taker
5. Embedded web technology
6. Low energy efficiency wireless
7. Communication network design
8. Seminar on an artificial passenger
9. Blue eyes technology
10. Touch screen technology

11. Traffic pulse technology
12. Pill camera
13. Night vision technology
14. Space mouse
15. Nano-technology
16. Global positioning system and its application
17. Tsunami warning system
18. Smart dust core architecture
19. Advanced technique for RTL
20. Debugging

21. Optical fibre communication
22. Digital image processing
23. Embedded system
24. Electronic Watchdog
25. Telephone conversation recorder
26. Aeronautical Communications
27. Agent-oriented programming
28. Aircars
29. Animatronics
30. Artificial Eye.

Seminar Topics for EEE Students

ISRO question papers with answers 

31. Augmented reality
32. Automatic Teller Machine
33. Autonomic Computing
34. BIBS
35. Bi-CMOS technology
36. Bimolecular Computers
38. Bio-magnetism
39. Biometric technology

41. Bluetooth Based Smart Sensor Networks
42. Boiler Instrumentation
43. Brain-Computer Interface
44. Bluetooth technology
45. 3-G Vs Wi-Fi
46. Future generation wireless network 47. Bluetooth based smart sensor network.
48. White LED
49. Gesture recognition using the accelerometer
50. The cellular digital data packet

APGENCO previous papers for EEE

51. Telecommunication Network PPT
52. Electrical Technical Seminar Topic on CAN-based Higher-Layer Protocols and Profiles
53. Application of Swarm Robots
54. Embedded Systems Final Year Seminar Topic on Smart Phones technology
55. Future Satellite Communication Seminar Topic
56. 3D image technique and multimedia application
57. Storage area network
58. The making of quantum dots
59. The mp3 standard
60. The Vanadium Redox Flow Battery System

Seminar Topics for EE Students

61. Thermal infrared imaging technology 62. Turbo codes
63. Ultra-wideband technology
64. Virtual Reality
65. Voice recognition based on artificial neural networks
66. Web-based remote device monitoring 67. Organic electronics
68. Packet Cable Network
69. Packet Switching chips
70. Personal Area Network

71. Printable RFID circuits
72. Mesh Radio
73. Microelectronic Pills
74. Military Radars
75. Android
76. Control of environment parameter in a greenhouse
77. 3D traditional and modelling
78. Home-based wireless work monitoring system
79. Sun tracker
80. PC interfaced voice recognition system

Seminar Topics for EEE Students LIST

81. Cybersecurity
82. Big data visualization
83. Interactive public display
84. Next generation mobile computing
85. Multicore memory coherence
86. Renewable Energy Source Biomass
87. Matter-Energy
88. Fusion Technology
89. Electronic Ballast
90. Stepper Motor & its Application

91. Radial Feeder Protection
92. Solar Tower Technology
93. Electric Locomotive
94. Reactive Power Consumption in Transmission Line
95. Flexible A.C. Transmission
96. D.C. Arc Furnace
97. Performance Evaluation & EMI/EMC Testing of Energy Meter
98. Feeder Protective Relay
99. Hydrogen The Future Fuel
100. Quality of electrical power

Seminar Topics for EEE Students

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